I love photographs and a love classical painting. When I was sixteen I attempted to paint Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on my bedroom ceiling. Around the same time, my father bought me an air brush kit for my birthday and this is when I discovered the American photo realist painters such as Ralph Goings and Chuck Close. From then on, there was no turning back and I wanted to learn how to draw as precisely as I could. I also hoped that one day I would meet one of these amazing painters.

My passion for classical painting and the practice of painting continued throughout my schooling. During my degree I discovered the technique of painting with glazes. A technique often attributed to the Flemish artist  Jan van Eyck, glazing allows previously laid colours to show through subsequent glazes and this gives paintings more luminosity. It enables me to show light or the effects of light in a more realistic way.


Painting a portrait from a photograph allows me to capture not only a beautiful moment in time but also the little nuances and subtle facial expressions that combine with that particular moment. Nothing gives me more pleasure than when delivering a completed painting the client says ‘ Yes,.. you’ve captured them perfectly,.. that’s so him/her’.

This love of the photographic image has also lead me to create paintings of particular moments in films that I love. There are moments in films that have had an enormous influence over me throughout the years. I feel lucky that I can adorn the walls of my home with painting of these moments.

In 2007, while living in New York, I attended a private view of an exhibition in Chelsea village. It was here that I bumped into Chuck Close. We had a nice little chat.  Funny how things work out.

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T1We feel awful about not being in touch with you sooner to thank you for the AMAZING portrait you painted of Ottilie, it’s quite breath taking. We just can’t stop looking at it and feel so priviledged to have it, thank you so very much.

Lots of love and thanks again, Isobel & Mike xx