Matthew Stuart Burley is a full time Artist who grew up in the UK village of Cookham in Berkshire.
Known worldwide for his realistic portrait paintings, Matthew captures the essence of the people he paints with extraordinary care and integrity.
Matthew creates and references original photography of his subject to create a unique painting. In collaboration with the client, he will reach agreement on the composition, lighting and colour palette prior to painting the portrait in his studio. He likes to work with clients directly as this allows him to capture and paint a portrait that represents the subject as beautifully as possible.
Rarely do we see an artist who has the ability to combine such technical skill with such a keenly felt sense of person or people he paints. Matthew’s clients have all been stunned at the exquisite nature of the portrait paintings he creates.

105Thank you so much for doing this for us, really appreciate it. We will treasure it forever.

Cheers James James Sutton ACIM